Best Advise On How to Install Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Best Advise On How to Install Natural Stone Wall Cladding

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Natural stone wall cladding in Dubai require little maintenance and improve with age. They are also fire resistant which makes them ideal for areas that experience fires. These cladding panels can be easily installed and come in various shapes and sizes. While installing natural stone wall linings, it is essential to choose a suitable substrate. Depending on the location, you can choose a larger or smaller slab. The best way to get the best results is to work with a professional installer.

Make sure to check the square footage that you need:

When choosing stone wall claddings, make sure to check the square footage that you need. This will be the easiest way to calculate the amount of stone you will need. Multiply the width and height of the wall to find the square footage needed. Afterward, divide this total by the number of corners and divide by two. If you are cladding a large area, it is best to order a larger stone to cover the square footage.

Clean the surface carefully:

Applying natural stone wall cladding requires a thorough cleaning of the surface and the surrounding area. To clean the stone, you can multiply the height by the width. Once you’ve gotten the total square footage, you’ll need to determine how many pieces you’ll need. Remember to measure the outside corners and use this measurement to figure the corner pieces. Once you’ve determined the correct amount of stones, it’s time to install the cladding.

Use correct adhesives:

Natural stone wall claddings are ideal for homeowners looking to create an environmentally-friendly home. They are made from natural materials and are certified by the LEED for energy efficiency. The stones are heavy and require special care to install, so using the correct adhesives is essential. It’s essential to use the proper adhesive on your walls to avoid cracking the stone. This should be an easy process for most homeowners, but if you’re not a professional, you can always contact a professional.

The application process of natural stone wall cladding involves the application of a protective layer of stone on the surface. Using stone on walls is an excellent way to create a beautiful and functional home. Unlike traditional concrete or wood, these materials do not stain and can be painted and stained to match the rest of the home. Once your walls are completely covered, you can add decorative accents like tiles or other decorative items.