Types of land planning

Planning is an important part of doing any kind of work because planning is the first step towards success. When there is a city is going to be structure then planning is very important. Several experts will gather to plan about the entire city because there are a lot of things which have to be take care of. There are different kinds of things to taken care of while doing urban planning in Dubai. To know about these things you have to read below:

Residential planning: It is the most important part of planning because experts need to take care about many things like they have to know about the amount of population and the ratio with which the population is increasing. The population ratio is important to know so that future generations should have all the resources to live in a good way. All the facilities like water, electricity, drainage system and all the other facilities should be there in abundance for future generations. There should be big buildings in which single people or smaller families can be live easily without occupying too much space. It will be very useful when the families grow and they need to have separate space for them. These buildings should have apartments of different sizes and with different facilities for people to live easily there.

Commercial planning: It is the best important thing to think about the business and development of people around you. In this planning these experts will think about the business of future and the growth of country. In this planning shops and bigger plazas will be built so that people can do business there.

Industrial planning: In this way of planning experts will think about the space to have for bigger things like manufacturing items and bigger warehouses where people will manufacture products and then they will store these extra items at the warehouses for using them later.

Municipal planning: In this planning experts will think about the offices and buildings which will be in use of the government institutes like police station, and other offices. They have to think about all the institutes and have separate buildings for each of that institute. These buildings need to be at a place where they are near to people and they can reach to the concerned authorities whenever they need them.

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