Things You Must Know Before Preparing Company Stamps

Many people have no idea what to do before preparing company stamp in UAE for their company. This is very unfortunate because there are only a few simple steps that need to be followed to produce quality stamps and seals. If your company has a logo, you can use a special type of ink that will make the company’s logo appear on the front side of the seal. If your company is registered with the Bureau of Commerce or the Trade Commission, you will want to see what types of rules are involved in your state. 

Buy the correct supplies for the company seal

Next, you will need to purchase the correct supplies for your company seal. Many suppliers sell individual stamps, but most suppliers that sell stamps specifically for this purpose offer multiple kinds of company seals. You will want to choose between a plastic seal and a wooden seal. Plastic seals are used when the stamp must be placed on plastic documents, like shipping papers, envelopes, and labels. Wooden seals are best used when the stamp is to be applied to wood surfaces, such as the label of a book, CD, or DVD.

Buy the right ink for Stamp

Next, you will want to purchase ink for the company seal. If you are using a plastic seal, the ink should be able to adhere to the surface of the plastic, as well as the ink should dry quickly after it has been applied. Ink is a very easy product to purchase. There are numerous ink colors available, ranging from clear to colored, to help customize your company seal. Some ink comes with a backing, while others come with a sheet of wax paper that can be peeled off and used as a temporary adhesive for placing your seal on any type of surface. If you prefer, you can purchase specialized paper that is specially coated with ink to ensure that it is more difficult for others to remove your seal from any type of surface.

Purchase a nice-looking business card frame

If you plan to use the seal on a business card, you will also need to purchase a nice-looking business card frame. The frame will be used to display your company seal proudly. Make sure you are purchasing a frame that is the same size and shape as your business card. Otherwise, the card might appear odd with the wrong shape framed on it. Your logo or slogan will be printed in a special design so that your message stands out and is easy for those who are passing by to see.