Quick guide to a perfect gallery grid

Gallery walls are one of the best ways to display art work or any kind of pictorial representation on the wall in a very sleek and structured manner. Gallery walls are getting famous day by day and it is not doubt that you can use them anywhere, from entry ways to living room, they will enhance the look of the wall as long as you’re setting it up the right way.

Now, gallery walls can be a bit tricky to handle when you are not considering the best fit out companies with an expertise in mezzanine construction, but you can surely achieve the classic look yourself. Read the following guidelines carefully and then add your own touch of style to it to coordinate with your interiors and you will be good to go.

  • Choose a theme

Most people like to keep their gallery wall colour coded for which they would pick a palette which is similar to their interiors and then choose pictures along with that palette while others like to keep the gallery a photo wall. It would usually consist their family pictures or holiday and vacations on it. In order to make the wall work, you need to find a common relation which ties the wall together. It could be inspirational quotes and abstract art, as long as it all binds together, the better it is going to be.

  • Pick even number for frames

One rule for wall art which you need to swear by is choosing and even number of frames for the design to work. The wall or grid can be as big as you want and as minimized as you’d like but just like commercial design, it should not contain an add number of frames or else it will never work. Remember, that we are not restricting the number of frames to the size of frames, you can choose which ever size you want, but in order to make the grid work, number should not differ.

  • Measuring is the key

When you are arranging the frames on the wall, you need to be sure of the fact that these frames are aligned and in the right position for the grid to look picture perfect. Take your time before nailing the walls and consider the positioning carefully.

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