Major components of Parking Management System

Parking management systems are installed to save time and effort of the drivers and the car park owners. The companies use complex, hard and soft elements to make the systems function effectively. These are some of the major components of parking management systems that make them useful and unique:

Parking Guidance Systems (PGS)

These systems are responsible for guiding vehicles to the nearest parking areas available in the location. The drivers have the choice of selecting the car park but these systems definitely help in locating them. These are highly effective in the promotion of a car park you own.

Counting systems

Every parking management has a counting system that keeps record of total number of vehicles in the parking area at a time. This information can be displayed in the system monitors which is available to the management staff of the car park and it is used to appoint parking terminals to the vehicles. You can get the example of counting systems at the parking management system companies in UAE.

Surveillance systems

For the security purposes, parking management system companies include CCTV in all parking systems. It establishes a safe environment for the vehicles as well as the car owners.  Because the security cameras record everything. Any illegal activity can be reported using these services.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Readers (ANPR)

Parking management system with auto pay uses ANPR system. It enables the tracking of the vehicles through their license plates. The information is stored and used to record the entry and exit of the automobiles in the garage. They record the time of stay of the vehicle as well.

Parking Barriers

Barriers are installed at the start and exit of the car parks in almost all of the parking systems. They regulate and restrict the access of vehicles in the parking area. Another important function they have is to reserve slots for cars that have booked a parking beforehand.

Ticketing system

This component is vital for any parking system. It generates automatic tickets. Ticketing systems are programmed into the parking management systems. They are connected to a ticket dispenser and payment systems both of which are accessible to the divers.

Monitoring system

This component is for the car park owner as it keeps all the data of system activity, problems, tracking and ticketing. A report of weekly, hourly or daily time is available to the holder, data retrieved from ANPR and cards is stored and monitored trough these systems. Monitoring system is present in all sort of parking management system in UAE.