5 things you must consider when choosing exhibition stand material

In the world of exhibition, there are different kinds of exhibition stands. Organizers use different materials and products to create stands. Some companies use wood to make stands while there are companies that use cardboard or another object. Yet, you can ask organizers about materials to craft customized stands. However, there are many things to consider before deciding what material you will choose. Scroll down to know what you should consider before choosing material.

  1. Budget: Money always defines the choice. If you have a lot of money, you can rent an island stand but if you don’t have so much money then you have to choose scheme shell stand by hook or by crook otherwise you have to take a loan to get the stand. Therefore, first, collect or save money and then get the stand of your choice.
  2. Exhibition: Although budgets decide your choices, you have to see what kind of exhibition is it. If it is a corporate event then you can’t use a wooden stand and if you are taking part in a pharmaceutical event then you have to see what material you can use. More the event is formal more classic and shiny material you have to use.
  3. Location: Location matters the most. If your stand would be inside the hall or room then you can use some light material but if you are going to place outside the hall or in the garden then you need to google for materials. Location decides the colour scheme of your stands and carpeting or the colours would not make rhythm with the environment.
  4. Goal: Before renting exhibition stands, first think and write what is the goal of your event and company. If your company provides networking services then you have to use island stands and if you own PR agency then you need some spacy area that would have row and corner stands to assist customers.
  5. Brand personality: Logo and theme of your company are all about brand personality. If you have a company that provides marketing and PR like services then you can use some light materials to create exhibition stands but if you own luxury company then you need to use good wood to craft stands to attract audience and customers.

So these are a few things which you need to keep in mind while choosing material. You can visit different sites of display stands in Dubai to get ideas or you can call companies of exhibition stand construction in Dubai to know what they suggest.