Mona B Lucca Mini Canvas Crossbody Bag – M-3916

Mona B Lucca Mini Canvas Crossbody Bag – M-3916 Description

Waste not, is the concept behind the new direction for Mona B. handbags. If we do not waster anything we will always have enough. Why make new materials when there are interesting and perfectly usable fabrics that can be re-cycled or up-cycled? Mona B is making an effort to reduce and re-use some of the worlds waste – or what some people consider waste. They go by the mantra that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This collection is all about fashion that’s Earth friendly! Let’s not forget to mention how cool they look! Along with the re-cycled nature of the canvas such as truck tarps and wool materials used to construct these products the added details and printed graphics provide an edgy one-of-a kind style. As you can see these items are unique. They tell a story about the individual journey the material has made traveling from place to place. They are mostly made of recycled tarps or tents that have been previously used and would otherwise be thrown away. They have been washed to bring them new life that may result in slight color discrepancies, texture and material variations that are distinctive in recycled and hand crafted products. Flaws, imperfections and discolorations are normal for this type of item and help make each piece one of a kind. *Very Earth-Friendly!

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Which, the product-range from the well-known allows you to select the Mona B Lucca Mini Canvas Crossbody Bag – M-3916 to each taste as well as budget (both cheap and also premium-class) conference the highest requirements.


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